The meetings offer constructive feedback to practicing artists and engage with current concerns in art and culture.

Each event will have a different focus and a guest artist / art professional who will talk driven from their experience; this could be about fundraising, producing, touring, audience development, or the creative process.

μoment Creative is a genuine attempt to create an advantageous & borderless artistic community of young and established artists, curators and researchers working in the performing arts. Each session will encourage significant discussions and exchanges around creativity, inspiration and curiosity hoping to lead to productive reflections on the creative process. Indirect and long-term goal is to support the diffusion of information, networking and the interconnection of artists from different forms of art for the purpose of exchange of ideas and cooperation.

  • Offer time and space where we can reflect and enrich on our creativity and ideas

  • Engage in creative conversations, debates, and exchange of practices with other artists and creative professionals

  • Be part of an artistic community which has creative exchange at its core

  • Bring artists together for one to learn from each other

  • Ask and be asked questions that will help us explore different contexts, find entirely new approaches to our challenges

  • Facilitate and support artistic collaboration.

The reason behind μoment Creative

The journey from being a student to a young artist, and from there to become a professional arts practitioner entails an ongoing process of research, wander and experimentation. Throughout this journey we often face a range of concerns, challenges and expectations. Essentially, μoment Creative has been developed in order to provide useful tools to artists for the benefit of their subsequent professional career. It explores how we, -art professionals, educators, researchers and artists working in a specific field or discipline-, can enhance our creative practises and potential via blending our personal inspiration and creativity with knowledge and resources coming from others.


μoment Creative (μC) is a mentoring platform in which emerging artists, performing art groups and early career art managers, producers and curators; mentees, during the program are provided with practical assistance, advice and motivation on navigating their own professional development in the arts sector.  The aim is to empower creative encounters with artists and creative professionals, foster discussions and raise questions driven by our own artistic practice and personal creativity. At the same time, μC offers training development and business tools to enhance the required confidence and clarity to achieve their career goals in the arts world.


This program essentially puts a context in the capabilities and the broad spectrum of skills the artists already have.

Our values

To empower personal creativities

To be mutually human, professional and kind

To remain curious, incurably creative and sharp

Nothing replaces the thrill of discovery, even failure

To engage locally while having an international approach

To stay committed to our ideas and creative quest as well as be changeable and flexible

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