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Athens Ι November - December 2015

a magical act of togetherness

an ephemeral map of thoughts, doubts and ideas, exploring urban environments of Athens 

kaos attracted nearly 500 people, from toddlers to over 80's

Pixel 13 (Marsaille) _ Among the Ants _Ismini Proiou_Konstantinos Nomikos_Maria Oikonomou_Marietta Pavlaki_Sofia Preka


With the support of Clermont-Communauté, Institut français de Grèce, Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille), Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) SynAthina, Booze Cooperativa



kaos is a meeting between Greek and French artists who were invited to explore, be inspired and develop an artistic intervention that reflects the real-life setting of Athens today. Through a 10-day process, artists will work together, creating a temporary intervention in the diversified urban environment of the selected neighbourhood. Our intention is to uncover the restricted transformation possibilities, as well as reduce social and urban rules limitations of the urban space. 

The final presentation included parallel actions, ephemeral acts in the public space such as audiovisual / digital installations, projections on buildings, and site specific artistic events.  The creative process was co-developed with and for the local residents, working across neighbourhood  and its inhabitants; the process aims to engage people locally rather than to provide spectacular activities for the entire city.


Transformation of public space by artistic interventions

  • Result on a real-life setting with an ephemeral transformation of public space

  • Create experiences for inhabitants, visitors and passers by to better understand and engage with the contemporary history, stories and people of the area. 

  •  Act upon socially related challenges.

  • Realise a contextualised and interdisciplinary proposal in public space (planning, visual arts and media  with artists from different disciplines (performing arts, digital media, music, achitecture, storytelling, visual arts)  arts scene social experimentation and relational aesthetics.

  • Allow exchange, transmission of know-how and practices between the professional collective Pixel[13] and Greek artists.

  • Begin an artistic collaboration on these issues between our two countries through various common questions, inviting the broader artistic community to a creative interchange & dialogue through talks, presentations and artists’ meetings.


Kerameikos, our neighbourhood

At the crossroad of Elasidon, Orfeos and Stratonikis streets, only 7 minutes from the vibrant area of Kerameikos, Koulouri square forms a triangle where people from diverse cultures, ethnicities and religions coexist. It is a residential neighbourhood and a location where you can find NGO’s, artist spaces, traditional coffee shops, as well as children playing in the street, old people seating in the square, sharing stories, often fighting, laughing, creating the contemporary history of this historical square. 

A lot of corners are still to be developed or renovated, with abandoned houses, factories and purely maintained buildings. The public space is not yet to be reformed, providing city  opportunities for research, planning and envisioning.


Artistic Process

Following a research of 4 months, this artistic project, an in-situ workshop at Koulouri square at the heart of Athens re-maps this neighborhood of Kerameikos through the personal stories of its inhabitants, its past, and above all, through the elements that shape its present face as it is understood and interpreted by the particpant artists.


From 25 November to 4 December 2015 kaos hosts artistic workshops for children and adults, open sessions and interviews with local socio-political actors, local residents and other artists. The Greek and French participants  work collectively  as well as individually using diverse forms of artistic expression that lead to group and individual works.




The public space belongs to all. kaos is for everyone to engage, for everyone to be involved, interact, share. It is for the locals living in the area, professionals who wok there, curious citizens, passers by and everyone who has professional or personal interest in artistic interventions in the public space.

kaos attracted nearly 500 people, from toddlers to over 80's; it was a magical ephemeral togetherness act.



European Aspect

This initiative aims to become the starting point for a long-term collaboration between Among the Ants and Pixel 13 in order to pave the way for similar, future collaborations with a strong European identity that promote partnerships, artistic mobility and cultural exchange between Greek and European artists.


Nicolas Burlaud (FR)
Fabien Cornut (FR)
Alexandre Cubizolles (FR)
Constantina Georgiou (GR)
Julie Laborde (FR)
Julien Léonhardt (FR)
Konstantinos Nomikos(GR)
Maria Oikonomou (GR)
Marietta Pavlaki(GR)
Sofia Preka (GR)
Ismini Proiou (GR)
Panos Svolakis (GR)
Sabine Thuilier (FR)
Eleni Vlachou (GR)

Artistic Direction: Pixel[13] (FR)/ 
Organisation: Eleni Vlachou, Constantina Georgiou, Panos Svolakis

Concept: Pixel 13 & Among the Ants